At Team Ruckus, we've seen both sides of the world of boxing. On one end, financially comfortable adults enjoy smacking a heavy bag and attending group fitness classes. It's a great way to stay in shape while letting off some steam.

But there's another side to boxing. Small, underfunded boxing gyms often act as a safe haven for troubled youth. Kids that are headed in the wrong direction stumble into a small boxing gym and often find a purpose, a coach/mentor, and a fun hobby. Hitting the gym every day keeps them busy and out of trouble. 

Ruckus actively seeks out gyms and coaches throughout the country that give back to the community by guiding these youths. We provide equipment, donations, and for those within reach - time working with the youth to help sharpen their skills & discipline.

Looking to get involved? Are you a boxing gym or youth center that fits the above description? Contact us today and let us know how we can help your organization.