Ruckus Made Boxing Gloves

Stop wearing pillows... Get Signature Boxing Gloves actually designed for women

  • The sharpest fitting boxing gloves you'll ever wear. Finally, boxing gloves designed specifically for the female boxer. Ruckus Made womens boxing gloves have a narrower, tailored trim training glove for women who want a sleek, tight, pro fight glove look & feel.
  • Designed in NYC's Fashion District - When you put on a pair of Ruckus Made boxing gloves you'll immediately feel the difference. Our snug fitting female boxing gloves have a metallic shimmer and make to be both fight gloves and female heavy bag gloves.
  • Advanced Flyweight Foam Padding - Ditch the heavy gel boxing gloves for flyweight foam padding. Throw punches faster with the same hand protection. Use 8oz boxing gloves, 10oz gloves, 12oz boxing gloves, or 14oz boxing gloves depending on your hand size.
  • The 2-colored women's punching glove - Available as Hot Pink Boxing Gloves, White Boxing gloves, Black boxing gloves, Blue Boxing gloves, gold boxing gloves for use as women's punching bag gloves. Women's blue kickboxing gloves and women's muay thai gloves.
  • We specialize in Women's Boxing Gear - Ruckus Made boxing equipment for women is in the corner of women who fight. We designed a boxing glove that's ventilated so it doesn't smell, features light padding so you can throw combos faster, and fits snug to your hand.