Old our story

I designed the perfect boxing gloves for modern day workout classes. If I didn’t believe it, I wouldn’t sell them, and I wouldn’t wear them.

99% of Boxing equipment brands are focused on fight gear, yet less than 1% of people who purchase boxing gloves ever compete in the ring.

Boxing has evolved. Fitness boxing classes continue to grow in popularity as people see what a great workout the sport can provide, yet the equipment has failed to evolve with it.

The game has changed, the equipment hasn't.

That's why I started Ruckus. I've been to over 200 different boxing classes across the country. Some you may have heard of - such as Rumble, Grit, TKO, and Mayweather Fit.

At every class, there would be petite women with big pillows as gloves, guys with noticeably stinky gloves, and people hitting teardrop bags with a rounded glove that distributes impact the wrong way.

As a fitness boxing enthusiast, I set out to create the perfect glove for this new generation of boxers.

The Ruckus Made Glove

  • Throw punches faster with more protection, less weight. Our front-loaded design puts the padding where you need it most, to maximize hand protection without weighing you down with a heavy glove. 
  • Hit teardrop bag with a pop! Our glove is good enough for a heavy bag, but made for the teardrop bags. Our angled glove allows you to hit the teardrop bag with a bang.
  • Land your punches better, with more impact. We created our glove with Jack Dempsey's "powerline" in mind. For those who don't know who he was, here's more info on him, for those who don't care - just know he was one of the best punchers ever. Our glove is specifically angled to allow your punches to land flush.
  • Your nickname will not be Smelly Hands. We purposefully selected the optimal level of mesh to maximize ventilation without compromising glove strucutre.
  • The strongest velcro ever. In boxing, we stick and move, but strap is just supposed to stick. No one wants to interrupt their 8 punch combo to reattach their strap.
  • Feel like a Pro, minus the black eye. Ditch the clunky, overpuffed mitts and strap on a sleekly designed, Ruckus Made boxing glove. We crafted our glove to look and feel like a fight glove, with the protection for a workout class.