Boxing Gloves - Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Ruckus Boxing gloves? See below for answers to our most common questions and if you're still seeking guidance, contact us.


Q: Is 8oz enough to keep my hand protected during workouts?

A: Professional Boxers weighing up to 147lbs wear 8oz in the ring when making contact with hard skulls and hand injuries are uncommon. Odds are, you don't punch as hard as a professional boxer and you're only making contact with a heavy bag or teardrop bag, which gives more than a facial bone. Pro boxers any weight above 147lbs only use 10oz gloves in the ring.  

Q: How does Ruckus make the best use of the glove weight?

By using the proper mix of mesh for ventilation and shortening the glove to avoid unnecessary arm coverage, we free up glove weight that can be put toward padding. We also use 3 different types of lightweight foam for optimal impact absorption without heavy (gel) weight.

Q: Are these boxing gloves safe for sparring?

A: No. Sparring involves punching your sparring partner. Sparring should be with 16 - 18oz gloves to help protect against cuts to the face and brain damage. Sparring gloves should also ideally not have velcro, as velcro could scratch the face in the heat of battle.